Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kroger Shopping Trip 8/29

I had to go to Kroger to get my Mega Sales and here is what I found:

5 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks

5 Nature Valley Bars

2 Fiber One Bars

4 General Mills Cereal

2 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes

1 Pillsbury Cookie Dough

2 Nut Clusters

2 Old El Paso Taco Shells

2 Old El Paso Rice

1 Warm Delights

1 2 liter of Pop ( not pictured)

2 Old El Paso Taco Seasonings ( free with peelies)

1 Wanchai Frozen Meal ( not pictured)

Total OOP: 22.05
Total Savings : 69.55
+ 7.00 in Cats.

Would have been better but not all my cellfire and shortcut coupons came off my card. But I plan on making another trip tomorrow.

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