Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mr. Potato Head Santa at Target

Today I went to my local Target ( Canton,MI) to pick up TWO Mr. Potato Head Santas and WHAT A MESS!!! First they were ALL out and I know there is a deal to get them for .99 after a printable coupon so I knew I was taking a chance but still thought there would be a few left. So I went to customer service to have them do a rain check and the man asked ME to go get the information on the product( the item number and cost) which was all the way in the back corner of the store!! But I was nice and did it anyways and when I finally got up to the front of the store with the information the man told me that he couldn't do the rain check because that was a seasonal item!!! So I guess here is my complaint for those bargain shoppers like myself please leave some for other people instead of taking them all and for Target Stores and I do love target and shop there often especially for deals and bargains please hire motivated people and people who really know what they are doing instead of asking the customer do it all especially now with Christmas around the corner and the stores are becoming more and more crowded. There is nothing worse than a horrible afternoon shopping trip!

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